About SlideawayMedia

SlideawayMedia is a design company that was founded in 2002 by designer James Harris. His goal was simple – provide outstanding websites and graphic design services to clients in Southern Ontario. With a wide range of experience, SlideawayMedia can provide a one-stop shop for all your design needs. Whether a fantastic website, business card, letterhead or promotional material, SlideawayMedia is ready to help. If you would like to discuss your project, feel free to contact us.

About James Harris

It was easy to see a designer in the making when at a young age he could be found creating primitive animations on his parents tiny Macintosh SE with HyperCard. He showed a passion for good clean design and it was an easy choice for him to enter into the Graphic Design Program at Durham College. Upon graduation in 2002, James found himself working with a design firm in Paris, Ontario. He was given an opportunity to gain experience in a smaller firm where the ability to multi-task and think on your feet was key. By starting out small and learning the ropes, he was able to gain a strong understanding of the print industry and was given the opportunity to design for some high profile clients as well.

Always learning and building on his skills, James made the jump from print to web design in 2007. But it was before heading off to college that he started his first webpage by creating the early stages of what would become OasisCentral.com. A fansite devoted to the band Oasis, the site won numerous awards and was featured in the pages of both NME and Q magazines.

Since then he has created eye-catching websites with a focus on social engine optimization (SEO). James has seen and experienced how important it is to have your website found and recognized on the web. Using SEO he can help with moving your website up the search engine ladder.

Since moving to Waterloo Region in 2007 James has become involved with the technology community by regular participation in the K-W Design Meetup, Ignite Waterloo, TedX Waterloo and DemoCampGuelph.

Where did the name Slideaway come from?

The origin of the name is rooted with 2 of of James’ favourite bands: Oasis and The Verve. Both bands had songs called “Slide Away” on their respective debut albums, Definitely Maybe and A Storm In Heaven. Both songs were very different, but added to the inspiration that was to become SlideawayMedia.